Thursday, September 2, 2010

ShriVidhya GuruGuham

Dear Bhagavathas, Upaasakaas,
                       With the blessings of Sriman Narayanan and Paradevatha, I have created this blog to share many posts, thoughts, articles, facts relating to our Bharatha Tradition and Culture. Our culture is the First culture which came into existence. We must be really happy and Blessed to have been born in this Punya Bhoomi/ Karma Bhoomi. This blog will help many people to know about our Dharma, tradition, culture and customs. hence i humbly request you all to give your continous support and co-ordination, so that, we learn more n more about our Dharma and follow it.

Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha

Sath Guru Dasan


  1. why to know about our dharma, tradition, punyam etc???????????????

  2. na.. the dasopadesam is ... reaaly fr8

    this s the first time i'm seeing it

  3. my great grand father was a great architect and engineer. he engineered the dam near the Vana theertham falls, the stone flooring of aadi veedhi at Meenakshi amman temple and many more. i feel proud to know about his achievements and feel motivated to, if not better at least on par, serve the society. had i been indifferent to my family history and my great ancestors i may have never felt motivated to achieve or at least be proud of their achievements.

    man is a social being and the society he lives in goes by certain rules. to live in a society and to be respected, the knowledge and following of rules is necessary. We are not animals living in the wild to live by our own rules."why should i know" is a question irrelevant and rather, should i say, foolish... the knowledge of what is right and wrong with respect to the society is to be learnt and imparted to others also.. it is a part of the civic responsibilty we've to the society we are living. Dharma- what is right and tradition- culture and practice of the society are very important to learn and propagate.

    the effort taken by Sri Ram Kumar is very much laudable as these days, "Vaktha Srotha cha durlabha"(rare are they who asks and who knows & is ready to tell). such a platform is to be welcomed by all and put it to better use.

    Sri Mathre Nama:

  4. Adith, a small correction. This blogspot is not my effort alone. Its a collection of all everyone's epporft. So, each and every person own this blog.

    Radhae Krishna