Friday, March 11, 2011

Thirumoorthy Koil_Chengipatti

Thirumoorthy koil, Sengipatti fascinated me on the very first time i
saw it. It was right after my admission at SASTRA (june 2008).
This temple is present in a village, which is about 4-5 km from
Sengipatti. There are bus facilities connecting the village from
sengipatti but frequency is very low. It is best reached the place by
There are totally three important things that are present there.
1.      Paramasivan temple(sorry i’m not sure of the name) , along with
other deities.
2.      Dhyana Mandapam
3.      Ayyanar Koil
1.The interesting fact about the temple is that, it was built by a
Raja who ruled Thanjavur. As we can notice suriyan and chandiran at
the entrance of the temple facing the deity. This temple has a special
variety of villvam, wherein 11 leaves would be attached to a single
       There is also certain other special feature which I’m not sure of, as
I have forgotten them as it had been more than 2 years i had been to
the temple.
2. Another important fact about this temple is that there is a
dyanamandapam where in there is a very rare and fascinating thing one
can notice. We can have the darshan of Poondi Mahan, Gnananadagiri
Swamigal, and Kanchi Mahan along with matha Para Shakthi.
It is said that, this particular place had been the thapovanam for
various great saints and mahaans, and here Poondi Mahan is said to be
the incarnation of Brahma, Gnananadagiri Swamigal that of Maha Vishnu
and Kanchi Mahan that of Parama Sivan. This is the main reason this
kshaetram is call Thrumoorthy koil.
3.ayyanar along with his parivaras is another thing that one notices
as we  come there.
There are several fascinating facts that adorn the temple. By his
grace willing to visit the temple again, to collect further
information about it and would soon post another blog with it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011



This place is nearby villupuram and thirukovilur.
Buses are available from thirukovilur but few. The sivan temple
here in this small town is one of thousands of temples in our
land which don’t get the attention they deserve.
When I went to this temple with my family it was around
9’oclock. But nobody was there in the temple. When we asked
the people there, they told us that there was only one priest both
for the sivan and vishnu temple in that town, and that, the priest
had to come from the other temple. After waiting for around 30
mins the priest came finally. Though my grandfather told me
about the temple even before we started I didn’t appreciate his
words much.
Because in our land all temples have some unbelievable
uniqueness in them. I thought that this temple too had something
special as my grandpa was saying. That’s it. I didn’t expect
anything more…. But only after going there I realised that the
temple had much much more at stake, and many a wonders, than
I had contemplated in my mind.
The lingam in this temple is a svayambu lingam. The temple
traces its origin down back to dvapara yugam. The lingam is
believed to be worshipped by musukunda chakravarti, devargal,
agasthiyar, lord rama, guha namachivayar, also by many rishi’s
and the great nalavar-appar, sundarar, manickavasagar and
thirugnanasambandar.  Wonders of wonders is the
ardhanareeswara form exihibited by the lingam here.
When the divine wedding of sivan and parvati took place in the
kailayam the entire populace of the devas, asuras, siva bakthas
and all divinely people rushed to kailayam. Because of the  
enormous weight on kailayam the northern direction fell low
and the southern direction got lifted up. To balance the weight
sivaperuman asked agasthiya maharishi who only the size of
thumb, to go to the southern direction and balance the baram.

Agasthiyar obeyed him instantly and he went to southen
direction and started performing poojas to sivan   at  various
sthalams. In one place the kailayanathan gave darisanam to him
in the wedding thirukolam. Agasthiyar prayed to the lord that he
must give this darisanam to all the people all the time.
Lord siva told that whenever abhishekam is performed to him
here with honey he will appear along with parvati. That place is
none other than the place we are talking about, that is

Even today when thaen(honey) abhishekam is performed to the
lingam one can see the ardhanareeswara form of siva in the
middle of the lingam glowing in golden colour. But when honey
is wiped away the ardhanareeswarar disappears. What a wonder
it was to witness it. The golden colour image doesn’t appear
during any other abhisekam ( I mean the abhisekham with milk,
water or anything else). I was stunned and mesmerised and so
were my kins.

The name of the ambal in this temple is called shri muthambika.

A must to be watched temple. When the honey flows over the
Lingam, bhakthi and surprise will also flow in your heart. Believe it, if not experince it!!
There are many temples in and around villupuram which are
must to be watched..
I will tell about them in my next  article!

                                           VENKATRAMAN RAVI