Friday, March 11, 2011

Thirumoorthy Koil_Chengipatti

Thirumoorthy koil, Sengipatti fascinated me on the very first time i
saw it. It was right after my admission at SASTRA (june 2008).
This temple is present in a village, which is about 4-5 km from
Sengipatti. There are bus facilities connecting the village from
sengipatti but frequency is very low. It is best reached the place by
There are totally three important things that are present there.
1.      Paramasivan temple(sorry i’m not sure of the name) , along with
other deities.
2.      Dhyana Mandapam
3.      Ayyanar Koil
1.The interesting fact about the temple is that, it was built by a
Raja who ruled Thanjavur. As we can notice suriyan and chandiran at
the entrance of the temple facing the deity. This temple has a special
variety of villvam, wherein 11 leaves would be attached to a single
       There is also certain other special feature which I’m not sure of, as
I have forgotten them as it had been more than 2 years i had been to
the temple.
2. Another important fact about this temple is that there is a
dyanamandapam where in there is a very rare and fascinating thing one
can notice. We can have the darshan of Poondi Mahan, Gnananadagiri
Swamigal, and Kanchi Mahan along with matha Para Shakthi.
It is said that, this particular place had been the thapovanam for
various great saints and mahaans, and here Poondi Mahan is said to be
the incarnation of Brahma, Gnananadagiri Swamigal that of Maha Vishnu
and Kanchi Mahan that of Parama Sivan. This is the main reason this
kshaetram is call Thrumoorthy koil.
3.ayyanar along with his parivaras is another thing that one notices
as we  come there.
There are several fascinating facts that adorn the temple. By his
grace willing to visit the temple again, to collect further
information about it and would soon post another blog with it.

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