Friday, February 18, 2011

Veda Samrakshanam & Veda Samrakshana Nidhi

Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha

(When you protect Dharma, it will in turn protect you).

Priya Bakthas,

      We all know the importance of Vedas, its spiritual origin, its eternal nature, etc. But according to the current scenario, the learning of Vedas, propagating  it, or even speaking of it in the open has become impossible. Is it not "OUR" duty to nourish them, cherish the people who study them and take it to the world?????. Hence, a a small initiative, as the tamil proverb goes, "Siru Thuli, peru vellam" (small drops lead to an ocean), it has been decided, that WE start a "Veda Samrakshana Nidhi". This nidhi would mainly concentrate on collecting of funds from people who are know the importance of it and also who are realy willing to help, through out their life and to their generations to come on....

      The Points / Terms/Conditions are so...

1. Each month thirty (Rs.32) would be collected from each person. This Rs.32 is only a minimum limit,    always, more contributions are welcome.
2. A new bank account in the name of a person / joint account will be opened up in CUB, Chennai (Cos, most people are of Chennai Origin).
3. People who are at college (SASTRA) will be giving their contributions to one person nominated (Whole-heartedly).
4. The same amount from that person will be deposit the money in the chosen account number (either directly or by net banking, whichever is easier).
5. The sum Rs.32 has been collected on the basis of this:
     a. 16 for a paksham (a fortnight / 15 days, a month has two pakshams, and hence Rs.32)
     b. 16 stands for Brahma Vidhya who is Veda matha - Gayathri.(as Lalitha Sahasranamam says: Suddha Vidhya kurankaara dwija pankthi dwaya ujwala - She who has the Suddha Vidhya - 32 syllabled mantra as two sets of teeth).
6. Since, this is a very small program, we feel that this would be sufficient only if the Veda Students of donate (Reason is - large funds could not be managed, also, at the start level, its better we plan in a small scale, then expand).

Also, a kind request for everyone.... Kindly take interest in doing this, This scheme was first started by OUR Kanchi Paramacharya. His life's goal was to protect and propagate the VEDIC DHARMA and he lived up to it. As his priya sishyas, his priyas bakthaas and daasaas, it is OUR duty to take up his goal and follow his foot steps (Paramaachaaryaal Paadhailae)......

Once again request you to take this task as our own and fulfill Maha Periva's goal for ascending in our Mother Land.

adiyen's pranams to all your Lotus Feet

SathGuru dasan

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